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Emu eggs & chicks for sale....
Rs 100,000
Location: Mahbubnagar - Andhra Pradesh - India
Address: 9848681198
Date Posted: 15 de Abril
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Price: Rs 100,000
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Getting Started
An emu business can be started in any of the following ways:
* Buy started, sexed CHICKS (8 weeks or older). Reduces problems involved in hatching and early brooding, but will be more expensive than EGGS. However, production is at least two years away.
* Buy juveniles/yearlings (year-old-birds). Offers the opportunity to select quality birds within a year of sexual maturity.
* Buy proven breeders. The expensive route, but enables the producer to begin production immediately.
EMU MEAT:Emu meat is low in fat and cholesterol. In a 100 gram (or 3.5 ounce) serving, emu meat consists of 23.3 g of protein, 109 calories, 57.5 mg of cholesterol, 1.7 g of fat, and .6 g of saturated fat.
EMU OIL:This oil is an unsaturated fat and is currently being used in skin care products and topical arthritis creams.
EMU LEATHER:Emu leather is a fine-grained hide that is being used by the fashion garment industry in Europe.
Once the slaughter and post-slaughter markets are established, the farming of emu may become a successful alternative agricultural business.
Emu Products
Birds are generally processed at around 12-18 months old, with the average return being 20-25 kg meat, 5-6 ltrs oil, 0.7 m2 skin for leather, 2 leg skins and 0.75 kg feathers.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting:
sreenu Emu Farm And Research Center(Since 1998)